Aesthetic and symphonic mayhem prevail as Nathan Howdeshell and Fast Weapons bring you a night of bands, publications, plays, and something known as the “dissing booth”! For this evening at THE WORKS, the building is the stage, as projects seep into the forgotten corridors of WHS.

No Age brings their joyous, ecstastic, cacophonous punk to the auditorium, blasting the ancient walls with contagious energy.

Expect the laser lights, fuzzed-out organ, and echoed screams of the The Dangerous Boys Club to produce a foggy ecstatic vertigo.

Ghost Mom will host a ghost prom in a school classroom, complete with punchbowl, prom photos, and punk slow dances.

Harry K presents Love is Blind, Lingerie is Braille: a dark comedy about an office worker that suffers a concussion, sleeps away his teenage years, and suddenly wakes up in a cubicle.

And beyond all that, Nudity in Groups debuts the fourth installment of their arts publication in the co-ed bathrooms, John Wiese will present an accompanying noise installation, Nathan will screen the cult classic Moron Movies, DJ Linoleum and Sick Jaggers, and more. Yeah, it’s going to be THAT good.