The first of two TBA Festival Flights, Gender, Culture, & Experiments with Tradition reflects a range of work by artists from diverse disciplines who rigorously examine the intersections of history, culture, language, gender, and aesthetic form, while experimenting with musical, vocal, and choreographic concepts and traditions that both exude and transcend particularities of time and place.

The following events are a part of this Festival Flight:

Related Performances

Samita Sinha, CIPHER 

Tanya Tagaq, Nanook of the North 

Eisa Jocson, Death of the Pole Dancer / Macho Dancer 

Tahni Holt, Duet Love 

Friday, Sept. 12

7:00 PM Field Guide: Tanya Tagaq

Saturday, Sept. 13

12:30 PM TBA Conversation: Eisa Jocson

2:00 PM Visiting Choreographer’s Dialogue: Meryem Jazouli and Mamela Nyamza 

7:00 PM Field Guide: Eisa Jocson

Sunday, Sept. 14

10:00 AM Workshop: Mamela Nyamza

12:30 PM TBA Conversation: Samita Sinha and Tanya Tagaq

5:00 PM Field Guide: Tahni Holt

Saturday, Sept. 20

10:00 AM Workshop: Meryem Jazouli

 About Festival Flights: Festival Flights highlight artistic, political, or cultural connections among various performances, exhibitions, late-night shows, workshops, screenings, TBA Conversations, Field Guide sessions, and more. Think of a Flight as a thematic tasting–try one or two events or make time for an immersive experience across a range of related happenings.