PICA’s new Field Guide program will take off during TBA, offering up new avenues for you to explore, experience, and discuss concepts and forms in contemporary dance. Join guest Field Guide faculty Zoe Scofield (TBA alum and choreographer/dancer of zoe |juniper) for a casual, guided workshop and conversation about Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit’s ADULT. 

  • Workshop: 6:30 PM (meet at CoHo Theatre, 2257 NW Raleigh St)
  • Laura Arrington & Jesse Hewit Performance: 8:30 PM
  • Post-Show Download: 10:30 PM

Field Guide is a new, ongoing, public engagement series at PICA designed to help audiences feel more comfortable with and informed about contemporary dance performance. Through facilitated workshops with faculty experts, focused exploration of an artist’s work, new social connections, and equal emphasis on physical movement, presentation, and conversation, anyone curious about dance performance is welcome. No prior dance experience required.

Some light walking required (approx. one block) between workshop and performance venues. The post-show download will take place in the beer garden/restaurant of THE WORKS, TBA’s late-night venue and the location of the performance, during which food/drink will be provided.