three chants modern web photoJoin us for drinks, food, and Field Guide’s first foray into the work of a visual artist! San Francisco-based choreographers and recent TBA performers Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit will facilitate a workshop in connection with New York-based artist Andrea Geyer’s Three Chants Modern (2013), a MoMA-commissioned video piece that uses archival research, experimental dance, and feminist politics to upend notions of history, power, and time.

What is time? How it constructed to work against creativity and art-making? If “time is money,” yet so many artists have neither, then how might making and experiencing art find a way to weather the storm of capitalism? In this session, we’ll practice using time in ways that resist notions of the body and mind as objects of constant production and value. Through group discussion, presentation, movement, and media, Arrington and Hewit will share their own art and social practices and guide participants through an introductory but in-depth look at Geyer’s piece to explore feminist and queer approaches to productivity, and artists and projects that employ radical ideas of time.

An exhibition of Andrea Geyer’s Three Chants Modern opens at PICA on April 19, 2014. 

About Field Guide: Field Guide is a new public engagement series at PICA designed to help audiences feel more comfortable with and informed about contemporary dance performance. Through facilitated workshops with faculty experts, focused exploration of an artist’s work, and equal emphasis on presentation, conversation, and social connection, anyone curious about dance performance is welcome. No prior dance experience required.