What is the capital of Spain? What is a tree? Why are people afraid to die? Was John Wayne really brave? These questions are answered during Quizoola!, a performance based on a text of 2,000 questions conceived by the members of Forced Entertainment. Quizoola! explores the pursuit and effectiveness of knowledge, certainty and definition through language. The players take turns choosing questions from the text and making up answers on stage, lending the piece a live energy. The shape and content of each Quizoola! performance is site- and time-specific, as each question and answer creates the atmosphere of imbalance, a line negotiated live between players and the public. As new questions are chosen and new answers made up, the mood shifts from low comedy to personal scrutiny to harsh interrogation and intellectual hairsplitting. The piece lasts six hours and the public is free to arrive, depart and return at any point during the performance.