With strong ties to the visual art community and almost boundless creative energy, Gang Gang Dance grew out of the turn-of-the-century Null New York scene, with members who played or worked with The Cranium, Actress, Russia, SSAB Songs, and Jackie-O Motherfucker. The genesis of the band was collaborative in nature, with Brian Degraw, Tim Dewit, Lizzie Bougatsos, Nathan Maddox, and Josh Diamond experimenting in tiny practice spaces. Tragically, in 2002 Maddox was struck by lightning and killed while watching a storm on the roof of his apartment building.

By 2003, the band had refined the tribal-futurism sound to its purest form. GGD samples and processes beats and melodies, looping them into pulsating rhythms that pull from ancient traditions but deliver a modern sound. Exploring dance, performance art, theatre, DJing, film, and visual art as well as music, the group regularly performs in galleries, museums, and art fairs and was included in the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

Gang Gang Dance has toured with Sonic Youth, TV on the Radio, and Animal Collective; played venues and festivals worldwide; and released four albums: Revival Of The Shittest (2004), God’s Money (2008), RAWWAR (2004), and Saint Dymphna (2004), as well as the DVD Retina Riddim (2007), a multimedia project consisting of a 33-minute art film and a 20-minute audio collage, both of which were drawn from the band’s archives and authored by band member Brian Degraw.