The Beckett Trilogy is a three–hour tour de force performance of Samuel Beckett’s opus trio of novels: Molloy, Malone Dies and The Unnamable. In their stage version, Conor Lovett and Judy Hegarty Lovett have captured the essence of Beckett’s voice. Molloy, a crippled tramp and one of Beckett’s most poignant and arresting figures, recounts the hilarious attempt to visit his mother. Malone, who is about to die, tries to while away his days by telling aimless stories only to finally lose himself in a whirlwind tale. In the final chapter, The Unnamable, Beckett dispenses altogether with story, or so it would seem. Here, Beckett’s vision finds its most honest, brutal, and beautiful realization as the unnamed narrator struggles with his own existence and the stark awareness that a story cannot help him to understand it any better.

The Portland appearance and international touring of The Beckett Trilogy are supported by Culture Ireland.