In GERMINAL, French artists Halory Goerger and Antoine Defoort create one of the most talked-about recent works of contemporary international theater. Both whimsical and deeply philosophical in approach, GERMINAL asks: if we had the opportunity to start the world from scratch, how would we do it? As this sometimes absurd and humorous creation tale unfurls, characters invent telepathy, question physics, construct new rules for social engagement and dream up language. GERMINAL smartly dismantles the conventions of theater into a metaphor for human evolution and employs the stage as a fruitful open space where new worlds are up for the making.

GERMINAL will be performed in French with English subtitles.

Selected Videos:

Click here to view a PDF of collected reviews, interviews, articles and links delving into Germinal, as well as Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger’s other collaborative work.

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