Eliding any one medium in her work, Isabelle Cornaro’s installations offer ways for viewers to shift their relationship to art objects and their loaded cultural histories. For the first time ever, Cornaro’s paintings from the series Floues et Colorées will share space in one exhibition. The family of 13 sprayed wall paintings are a series of monochromes, landscapes, and abstractions based on 16mm films of the same title. These thin veils of paint delicately adhere to the wall, merging a history of French impressionist painting, Modernist theory, and contemporary art practice. For End Things, Cornaro’s wall paintings are paired with several films from the artist’s oeuvre. De l’argent filmé de profil et de trois quarts and Figures arrange objects in ways that comment on their formal and informal associations, while Floues et Colorées speaks to the psychology of color, process, and the ephemeral quality of painting. Through her work, Cornaro attempts to make visible the diffusion of meaning that occurs as objects are reproduced and interpreted in different materials and mediums, while illuminating the fuzzy border between the tactile and the temporal.

September 7-16: Open Daily, 12-6:30pm
September 20-29: Thu–Fri, 12-6:30pm; Sat 12-4pm