When It Was Blue is an ode to nature and 16mm film as they both rapidly vanish. Reeves’ double-projection, hand-painted film creates impressionistic textures and colors that mimic the qualities of land, water and trees. Paired with Sverrisson’s emotive and haunting live original score, an elaborate montage connects ecosystems spanning from the northeastern United States, to Iceland, Canada’s Pacific coast, New Zealand, and Central America. This frenetic, delighted and mournful visual journey spans decades and seasons, as if trying to capture the natural world before it disappears.

Sverrisson is a world-renowned Icelandic composer and musician. He began working as musical director for performance artist Laurie Anderson in 1999. In 2006 Sverrisson won the Icelandic Music Awards Record of the Year with his group, Seria. Sverrisson has collaborated with performers including Lou Reed, Ruyichi Sakamoto, Blonde Redhead, and Allan Holdsworth.