Jennifer West launches the first of her new pre-post fragmented cinematic environments where viewers are invited into an environment of flashlights, projections, filmstrips, images, and shadows. The Los Angeles-based artist will premiere the first in this series of interactive cinematic installations at this year’s TBA Festival.

Originally conceived as a swan song to celluloid, her project presents a screen-less, communal viewing space where audiences can playfully explore the art of projection. Plexiglas panel frames lined with 35 and 70mm filmstrips are hung in the middle of a darkened exhibition space. Viewers are encouraged to use flashlights to project the filmstrip images of montages West cut together from 35mm “scratch films” (castoffs from Hollywood productions), 70mm film leader, and footage shot on 35mm for the project of text, hand-shadow shadow play, Google maps, Wikipedia and images searches and YouTube compilations of early cinema footage of Loïe Fuller’s Serpentine Dance. For the first time, West worked with the last remaining 70mm optical printer at her lab in North Hollywood to blow up sections of the filmstrips to 70mm for the installation. Two nights of live choreographed flashlight projection performances are accompanied by Theremin and live music taking place inside the installation. A dancer will enact the infamous pre-cinematic Serpentine Dance (created by Loïe Fuller in the 1890′s) – where the dancer’s billowing silk costume becomes a screen for the filmstrip projections.

Courtesy of the artist and MARC FOXX, Los Angeles.