Whether it’s with painted toothpicks that participants stab into an amorphous armature or, as is the case with FOREVER NOW AND THEN AGAIN, with several hundred painted, stackable boxes presented for our collaboration, Jesse Hayward creates installations that are intended for direct audience manipulation. Utilizing repetition and ritual, he builds and paints objects in his studio that are then reimagined through a collaborative installation practice, articulating a space wherein boundaries are blurred. The sculptural commingles with the painterly, the coactive with the drawn. His work exists in diminished hybridization, with multiple genres collapsing parasitically one upon the other. Rhythms of color and form soften and obscure their own structural underpinning, foreshadowing the instability and immateriality of all future outcomes.

The commission and exhibition of this piece is supported in part by the Kristy Edmunds Fund for New Work.

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