Dealership as monument. Jesse Sugarmann has been opening, and will continue to open, unsanctioned Pontiac dealerships in former Pontiac dealership locations across the United States. He activates these dealerships as sites of celebration, honoring both the American autoworker and our fraught, intimate relationships to cars. Assembling temporary modernist monuments with Pontiac cars, Sugarmann gives form to the precarious nature of the auto industry. In adjacent video works, Sugarmann documents laid-off assembly line workers and car accident victims recreating the movements of their former jobs and crashes, respectively. Their deadpan choreography forms a moving homage to the mundane and the traumatic moments in both the birth and death of the automobile.

Selected Videos:

Selected Press:

Sitting in the Back of a Car by Chip Lord,” The Architect’s Newspaper, July 2014

Doing Battle with the Remains of Industrial America by Christian Frock,” Hyperallergic, May 2014