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Laboriously crafted and delightfully insane pirate puppet rock operas, catchy nautical electro pop, and mindblowing cheap stage effects. Somewhere between a band and a theatre group, with none of the hangups of either, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang is an irresistible multimedia force of nature!

Episode 5: Sleepless Fishes is a hilarious odyssey into the mysteries of love, adulthood, and the awful pitiless sea. A young clown, rescued from a sinking carnival slave ship, becomes cabin boy aboard a pirate ship. Though revolted at the cutthroat lifestyle of the pirates, he nonetheless becomes the darling of their captain, who seeks to guide the boy in his blossoming puberty.

Conceived in 2002 by Nick Jones and Raja Azar, the group began with a song, Pyrate Love, performed while they were working for the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, and the two set out to create a massive live musical pirate puppet sea saga. Four years, six “episodes,” and hours of bizarre musical material later, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang have toured the US, Canada, Ireland, and have recently finished a residency in Bangkok for the Hoontown Puppet Festival. In 2005, they released their first album, Songs to Drown By, and recorded a DVD (forthcoming) adapting Crabquistador, the latest episode of their saga.

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