Kiki & Herb are the creation of Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman. Kiki is a washed up chanteuse and Herb is her piano-battering, lifelong accompanist. Together forever they perform gutsy renditions of songs by artists such as Nirvana, Kate Bush, and Britney Spears. A singer with maniacal energy, Kiki’s voice is a mixture of Tom Waits and Ethel Merman. At any given moment the duo are likely to twist and warp a tune until Kiki is screaming the lyrics and Herb is pounding the piano keys with a vengeance. Show business has destroyed their lives, but they cannot, ladies and gentlemen, live without it.

Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman have been performing around the world since 1989. In September 2004 Kiki and Herb performed a critically acclaimed show Kiki and Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall. In 2005 they made their Edinburgh Festival debut and embarked on their major U.S. Resurrection tour. Most recently they performed a three-week run at the Sydney Opera House. The duo has also appeared at the Bonn Biennale, On The Boards, the Great American Music Hall, and the Knitting Factory. Kiki and Herb are the recipients of a Bessie Award for their accomplished body of work.