Dangerously skirting the boundaries between existential comedy, Mexican telenovela, and social documentary, Las Chicas del 3.5 Floppies exposes the human repercussions of globalization and poverty with incisive humor and relentless honesty. For the two heroines, life is tough and choices have to be made. And what about the irresistible offer from the men in Tijuana? In this play by Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Ortiz Monasterio—one of Mexico’s most exciting and successful young playwrights—two heroines, half-mad and half-baked, yet charmingly self-aware, navigate life from the trenches of a very contemporary Mexico.

Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Ortiz Monasterio’s works include Diatriba Rústica para Faraones Muertos (Rustic Diatribe for Dead Pharaohs), De Bestias Criaturas y Perras (From Infant Beasts and Dogs), Los Restos de la Nectarina (The Remains of the Nectarine), and Portal (Doorway). He has also received various awards for his stories and poetry. Las Chicas del 3.5 Floppies premiered to great acclaim in Mexico City in 2004 as part of Dramafest, a collaboration between British and Mexican playwrights.

Performed by Aída Lopez and Gabriela Murray, and directed by John Tiffany. Las Chicas del 3.5 Floppies, will be having an audience talkback after their show on Saturday, Sept 8.