PICA makes transparent the creative process of a new commission and future TBA Festival project, Holcombe Waller’s LGBT Requiem Mass. Requiring extensive cross-cultural engagement across LGBT, faith-based, and contemporary art communities, PICA and Waller have convened a think tank of national and local specialists in various areas of queer and LGBT activism and advocacy; progressive, inclusive, and affirming churches; queer spirituality studies; and socially engaged art and performance. For this public roundtable, Waller will introduce LGBT Requiem Mass‘s broader artistic vision and political aspiration at this stage of development, while members of the think tank will share highlights from their previous day’s convening. Together, the Roundtable conversation will launch a more expansive, day-long symposium that draws on and builds from some of its key questions, ideas, and critical concerns.

This event is part of the TBA Festival Flight, Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Art and Social Change, which includes performances, workshops, and a free, day-long symposium exploring contemporary art and performance practices as potential sites and situations for social, political, and public engagement, experimentation, and evolution. Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality is anchored by two TBA projects–musician and performing artist Holcombe Waller’s work-in-progress, LGBT Requiem Mass, and Mammalian Diving Reflex’s All the Sex I’ve Ever Had. Scroll down to “Related Events” or see the TBA Festival catalog for more information and a full schedule of flight and symposium activities.

About Festival Flights: Festival Flights highlight artistic, political, or cultural connections among various performances, exhibitions, late-night shows, workshops, screenings, TBA Conversations, Field Guide sessions, and more. Think of a Flight as a thematic tasting–try one or two events or make time for an immersive experience across a range of related happenings.