The dynamic duo that is Lifesavas consists of MC/producer JUMBO the Garbageman and MC VURSATYL, along with partner DJ Rev SHINES. Early on, the two pursued parallel careers but promised to eventually work together. When JUMBO’s best friend, one of the emcees that VURS worked with, was murdered in a gang-related shooting, they had the impetus they needed to finally make it happen; they collaborated on a track inspired by the incident called Stop the Madness, and this ultimately led to the formation of Lifesavas. Their new album Gutterfly (April 2007/Quannum Projects) was inspired by 70s Blaxploitation films and is a movie plot they created which traces the fictional deeds of three ghetto superheroes, brought to life via poetic songwriting and powerhouse beats. The album follows up their widely-praised 2003 debut, Spirit in Stone, which quickly rose to classic underground status. The group was named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Artists to Watch” in 2007.

At the core of Lifesavas’ artistry is their passionate commitment to preserving the culture by focusing on lyrical integrity and signature beats. Their vibe is immersed in soul and futuristic funk, with dazzling tag-team rhymes and impeccable production. With each song they recall defining moments in hip-hop history, while also offering a progressive view of hip-hop’s future.