It goes to show that the most moving stories come from ordinary folk trying to live their lives – just like us. I entered the theatre with trepidation, but emerged from it realizing that I had just been a part of the most profoundly moving performance I have seen…
 —Corrie Tan, Straits Times

Mammalian Diving Reflex, of the revered social practice-based work Haircuts by Children (TBA:07), returns with All the Sex I’ve Ever Had. Mammalian uses storytelling to plunge fearlessly into provocative uncharted waters with a frank, vulnerable and unpredictable work that examines intimacy, old age, youth obsessed culture and sex. Mammalian assembles a cross-section of elderly Portlanders and asks these bold seniors to open up about their sexual adventures (and misadventures). They will courageously share their private histories, field audience questions, celebrate life’s milestones and occasionally dance on-stage. Anything and everything is revealed from first crushes, illicit long-time liaisons and unexpected pregnancies, to role-playing and orgies, to things we really shouldn’t mention here.

Selected Videos: