RRR Screening: October 30, 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7:00 PM

Matthew Cowan and PICA are pleased to present an evening of haunted (and not so haunted) projections – including 35mm filmstrips, 16mm motion pictures and glass lantern slides. The program may include civil rights news footage from Portland in the 1970s, a Czech interpretation of a L. Carroll poem, a how-to on identifying whether your house is haunted and an educational slide show from the Portland school system. Eye surgery footage – in color – will not be screened but 1920s goiter surgery – in B&W – might make an appearance. *Children strongly cautioned. Adults forewarned.

Films and slides are generously provided by the Oregon Historical Society as well as private donors. Total running time approximately 70 minutes.

This is the second public program of None of Your Funeral, a 2014 Resource Room Residency at PICA. These programs hope to explore both personal and shared histories through public exhibition of original materials.


PICA established the Resource Room Residency (RRR) program in 2012 to support the growing artistic interest in research as art and archive as material. The program encourages a consideration of libraries, archives, collections, and collecting, but can find outlets in many forms and disciplines.