Portland-based artist Mack McFarland teams up with film archivist Dennis Nyback to revamp our collective memory, presenting a series of site-specific film installations throughout the city. Attempting to relocate the original subjects of the films in the ever-shifting architectural reality of present-day Portland, the two have selected various sites of historical relevance to play host to this unique outdoor film festival. Deftly traveling through time, space, and new realms of technology, the projected films will be edited, digitized and transposed onto the web for easy download ability to portable viewing devices such as iPods and cell phones. A schedule of screenings, video works, and a printable map, can be found at portlandwas.com, and will serve as your guide, as you watch, listen, and are transported back and forward through Portland’s history.

September 12: “Vaudeville Deluxe”, a free outdoor screening of vaudeville acts on film, both the great and the not-so-great.
This screening commemorates the vaudeville theaters of Portland, several of which are active today as movie houses.
Time: Dusk
Location: under the Steel Bridge, West side, north end of Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

September 13: “Radio Days”, a free outdoor screening of short films from the 30′s and 40′s set in radio stations
This screening commemorates Portland’s rich history in radio dating back to KGW, KXL, and KFJR, all radio broadcast pioneers. Local talents Mel Blanc, Lee Morse, and George Olsen also used radio to skyrocket to national fame.
Time: Dusk
Location: Tom McCall Waterfront Park amphitheater, West side. south of Hawthorne Bridge

September 14: “The Portland That Was”, a free outdoor screening of all the films used in the project.
The site specific films showcased on www.portlandwas.com will be shown here in their entirety.
Time: Dusk
Location: Eastbank Esplanade Fire Station, at the west end of SE Madison Street.

Celluloid Signal Cinema Combine is a partnership between Mack McFarland and Dennis Nyback. Mack McFarland is an interdisciplinary artist with an interest in information systems, video, internet art, performance, and drawing. Dennis Nyback is an independent film archivist who has shown films in both traditional and non-traditional venues such as classrooms, living rooms, schools, rooftops, barbershops, museums, theaters and at least one Parisian barge.

Project sponsored in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.