Mushrooms are a gateway to a whole family of culinary fungi. From molds to yeasts, these remarkable organisms are among the most powerful flavor creators at the backbone of the world’s distinguished ancient cuisines. In an intimate dinner prepared by Naoko Tamura of Chef Naoko’s Bento Café, you’ll explore and savor wild and cultivated mushrooms prepared with traditional Japanese ingredients that gain their flavors through processes using molds, including miso, sake, shoyu, katsuo-bushi, salt koji, and more. This dinner is a unique opportunity to learn from mushroom foragers and farmers, fermenters, and wine makers. Featuring wine pairings from R. Stuart & Co. Winery, a special candy cap mushroom ice cream from Salt & Straw.

Oregon Mushroom Stories, a project of Ecotrust and Edible Portland, brings the surreal, fantastical beauty of mushrooms, and the knowledge of growers, foragers and fanatics, out of the dark to a broad audience. Join PICA and Oregon Mushroom Stories for a weekend of mycological happenings at the crossroads of nature and culture, science and art, food and fungi.