Neighborhood Projects is comprised of a group of MFA students from PSU’s Art and Social Practice program, who collaborate with and engage a variety of people from the public to complete a range of projects in various locations around Portland. During TBA, from September 5th through the 14th, Neighborhood Projects will use The Pancake Clubhouse Historic Township and Activity Destination for the Living Arts (welcomes you) as a hub of activities. From the Clubhouse, located at 906 A NE 24th Ave., three blocks north of Sandy on 24th, Neighborhood Projects will continue a multi-faceted set of public projects that include presentations, exhibitions, publications, posters, and much more.

Neighborhood Projects seeks volunteers, laborers, eagle eyes, listeners, and interested citizens to participate in neighborhood-generated public projects. Visit the Neighborhood Projects Website or click on the links to any of individual projects below to learn more.

Drinking Beer With Friends And Working, Eric Steen

Making Sense of Suffering, Artists: R. Shubha (India), Varinthorn Christopher (Thailand), Michael Christopher (US),
Mohsen Golmohammadian (Iran), Parisa Yaseminejad (Iran), Meena Kharkwal (India). Curator & Director: Varinthorn Christopher

Seitanic Petition, Varinthorn & Michael Christopher

The Convenience Truth, Varinthorn Christopher

Exploring Hood Lore, Laurel Kurtz, Chris Andreae, & Sandy Sampson

Public Speaking: Museum of The City, Laurel Kurtz, Sandy Sampson, & Jimmy Moore

Daisy Chain: Voodoo Donuts Too, Sandy Sampson

The Official Unofficial Goodwill Residency Program (in accordance with Parallel University and the Office of Inclusion), Laurel Kurtz, Vicki Lynn Wilson, & John Larsen

Viewfinder, Avalon Kalin

Society of the Spectacle Screening, Avalon Kalin

Breakthrough, Avalon Kalin & Sierra Norris

Plant Walk With Urban Edibles, Amy Steel & Urban Edibles

Art Talk AM on the Radio, Cyrus Smith

24 Hour Residency, Cyrus Smith & Brian Merkel

Neighborhood Projects Media, Cyrus Smith

Personal Advisor, Ariana Jacobs & Katy Asher

Listen to My Dad, Charles Kurtz, Talk About Birds, Laurel Kurtz

24-Hour Residency, Amy Steel