Using Bauhaus theater, Ikebana and Arte Povera as variant points of departure in his work, Ned Colclough’s sculptural assemblages encompass a visual style where formalism, minimalism, and neo-modernism are repositioned into abstract mediations. Balancing his sculptural elements–a vocabulary that includes found wood, stone, rope, and plaster–into orchestrated compositions, Colclough lends a lyrical and poetic relationship to both material and object.

Michihiro Kosuge echoes both architectural and organic forms in his work, creating sculptures that are at once playful and meditative, but always in conversation with their context. Kosuge emphasizes the surfaces of the different types of stone he uses by contrasting textures: he leaves some areas quarry-rough, others he polishes to glassy smoothness, while sometimes he adds simple and evocative color.

Selected Press

Everyday Art,” Matt Stangel, The Portland Mercury, March 27, 2013.

PICA’s ‘New Arrangements’,” Sam Coggeshall, Portland Monthly, March 13, 2013.


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