Night Tripper is the most convincing collaboration between dancers, musicians, a forest, and the sun. – Thomas Frank,  Artistic Director at brut-künstlerhaus, Vienna

NIGHT TRIPPER is at once an outdoor ritual, social event, forest walk, and concert that unfolds in the theatre of the outdoors at the first glow of dusk. The piece features dancers, art objects, a local choir, and potent forest spirits. Ancient mythology meets a vision of contemporary life where dreams and reality merge into an otherworldly tale. NIGHT TRIPPER explores the idea of nature as a place of healing, destruction, immanence, and transcendence.

6:00 PM audiences meet at The Redd, check in
6:30 PM bus departs
6:50 PM bus arrives at site (Forest location TBA)
7:15 PM sunset, performance begins
8:45 PM performance ends
9:15 PM bus departs
9:45 PM bus arrives back at The Redd