Since 1993, Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project has taken place in locations ranging from private homes to specialized public collections. After sifting through a library of books, Katchadourian selects particular titles and groups these books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence. Taken as a whole, the clusters examine each particular collection’s focus, idiosyncrasies, and inconsistencies—a portrait of that library’s holdings.

In addition to photographs from past sortings, Katchadourian is working with a local family to whom books are of prime importance. Tim DuRoche (writer/musician); Lisa Radon (artist/writer); Oskar, 16; Molly, 15; and Neville, 11, are sorting their own libraries, combining books from their individual collections to create a family self-portrait. The resulting book stacks are shown on shelves in the Project Space.

Gallery Hours
Sept. 02 – Oct. 23 . Every Day, 10 am – 7 pm