Offsite Dance Project of Yokohama takes the creative energy of Japan’s new wave of contemporary performance artists and sets them in unexpected environments. For this event created for TBA, two acclaimed Japanese choreographers explore and illuminate the hidden subtext of the urban landscape that we pass by without notice. Each will perform their own piece in succession, with the audience moving between locations. On Thirteenth will push both performer and audience to re-consider what we dismiss as unremarkable in a rapidly evolving area of the city.

The artists selected for this event represent some of the most exciting new voices being developed today in Japan. Yukio Suzuki is a leading light of the generation of dancers who have trained in Butoh and are using that approach as a springboard for a unique, new perspective on performance. Zan Yamashita works with artists of different disciplines to juxtapose the tension between text and physical expression. For the piece presented at TBA, Yamashita will perform with Ezra Dickinson, one of Seattle’s most noted contemporary dancers.