A primitivist celebration of the American Spirit.
A celebration of smoking and of not-smoking.

Ohad Meromi will construct an evolving sculptural space, transplanting his studio practice to a high school classroom. Within this environment, visitors are invited to form their own troupe to interpret and perform scenes from his Stage Exercises for Smokers and Non-Smokers. Inspired by the pragmatic idealism of the Kibbutz and Russian avant-garde theatre, Meromi creates an architecture for action, rather than a set for a staged play. The space sets the scene for a performance informed by the possibilities of community practice and the discoveries of open-ended rehearsal.

Choreographer Tahni Holt has been working in Meromi’s room, responding to the material, the space, the threads of stories that are embedded into some of the objects and costumes and lighting. Join her for some of the open hours listed to work on her movements. She writes: “This is not a class, it is a rehearsal. Expect to have fun, to explore, to discover, to ask some questions, to create some material. Anyone in the public is invited to participate, but I specifically request your presence. Please wear comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes and your imagination.”