ARTIST LINEUP: Jamie Lee Christiana, Anna Oxygen, Marc Acito, Sarah Dougher and Friends, Neal Medlyn, Holcombe Waller and Friends, Bridget Everett with Kenny Mellman, Sarah Gottsdiener and Friends, Kenny Mellman, and others!

Once again, the voice of the people will be heard! In the ’50s, America’s favorite songs were performed on the musical sketch show Your Hit Parade. Decades later the concept is reborn. Our Hit Parade was cooked up one night over a few drinks by compatriots Kenny Mellman of Sexercise LICA!, hip hop cameraman and TV producer Brendan Kennedy, performance artist Neal Medlyn and writer Ada Calhoun.

The show features celebrities of the downtown New York City and greater Portland performance world who are asked to interpret the week’s hits LIVE on stage. Whatever is at the top of the charts, be it Rihanna, T-Pain or High School Musical, will be at their mercy. Coming straight off of two other raucous TBA:08 performances, the hardest working men in the biz, Mellman and Medlyn, are joined by special guest stars.