Pictures of the moon, is the holy spirit, is the tongue of fire, is the ghost body, is host body, is the formless thing, is anxiety, is ecstasy, is seeing through the mirror, is energy, is neither here nor there, is god, is G–D, is godS, is NO GOD ever was, is inside you, is clay, is crystal, is vapor, is hair, is sound, is gold, is light, is words, is wave, is lump, is desert dot, is geometry, is concrete, is floating, is memory, is trickery, is hawk overhead, is notion, is nature, is knowing, is never knowing, is why go on?

One day while sitting in the living room of my childhood home, I asked my dad, “What is spirit?” to which he replied, “Spirit is creativity.“ He said that we love to anthropomorphize the more slippery concepts (the incorporeal, the imagined, the spiritual, the unproven) by assigning them image or form (fire, dove, voice in the cloud, person… ) but those tactics of understanding were like throwing a sheet over a ghost, only necessary if you don’t believe in the ghost. This ghost is the thing inside us that drives us to realize thought. It is society. It is art. It is belief. Pictures of the moon with teeth is an exhibition made up of projects by artists whose work asks what do we believe in, or perhaps what is spirit? In this way, their work lives at the intersections of belief and disbelief and that is where we will meet them.

Celebrate the official opening of TBA:15 at a reception for the Visual Art  Exhibition. This year PICA will be converting a 20,000 square foot building into installation and exhibition space featuring work by Tannaz Farsi, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Bill Jenkins, Dawn Kasper, Karl Larsson, Peter Simensky, and Akio Suzuki. Stop by the opening reception before heading to THE WORKS at THE REDD.

TBA:15 Visual Art is curated by Kristan Kennedy. Pictures of the moon with teeth projects and performances are free and open to the public from September 10 to October 11, 2015.