Curated by Kristan Kennedy and Stephanie Snyder

In conjunction with the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery’s exhibition, The Language of the Nude: Four Centuries of Drawing the Human Body, PICA and the Cooley have organized Psychedelic Soul, two unique projects that fold past and present into a vivid dream of the future. Psychedelic Soul includes a video installation by French artist Antoine Catala and a live performance by Brody Condon. Both Catala and Condon explore the human body as an ecstatic, revelatory organism, synthesizing the corporeal and the technological. Catala and Condon perform and manipulate the body’s gestures and mannerisms in extremis, creating visionary explorations of the body in the throes of psychoactive and transformative experiences.

Brody Condon:
Without Sun Modification
Condon’s new performance with one actor and one dancer, Without Sun Modification, will be a live re-creation of his 15-minute compilation of online videos of individuals on a psychedelic substance concurrently installed at THE WORKS.

Antoine Catala:
Video Portraits for Vertical Televisions
About the glory of painting, this exhibit includes TVs made from digital compression artifacts that become containers for a commentary on the Internet while presenting new ways of transmitting information. On view throughout the exhibition.

The Language of the Nude: Four Centuries of Drawing the Human Body, Old Master Drawings, from the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California, was curated by William Breazeale, Associate Curator of Art at the Crocker Art Museum.