What happens when we really listen? What happens when we decide as a species to finally give up the game? When will we learn that time is a myth, a set of training wheels that causes us to believe we really need them? In answering these questions, anthropological humorist Reggie Watts utilizes the latest in presentational technologies to outline humanity’s refusal to accept a global paradigm shift of unimaginable eventuality. A mélange of absurdist storytelling, projected video imagery, aural simulations, geometric movement sequences and spontaneous musical compositions. Disinformation is a conceptual deconstruction of the human need to understand itself.

Reggie Watts is a staple of the international alternative performance scene. Reggie has recently been seen at Madison Square Garden (New York), Lakeshore Theatre (Chicago), Hudson Theatre (LA), Moore Theatre (Seattle), PopTech! (Camden, MA), Fillmore Theatre (San Francisco), Roundhouse Theatre (London), Dexter Hall (South Africa), and Blue Note (Tokyo), among others. Reggie received the 2006 Andy Kaufman Award for comedic performance. At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Reggie won the first annual Oy! Oy! Award (given in honor of legendary British comic Malcolm Hardee, to the performer whom Hardee would have named Best of Fringe).

The Future Aesthetics Artist Regrant (FAAR) Program is a pilot national initiative to support individual artists and work that is emerging from the field of hip-hop arts/future aesthetics and is administered by the Hip-Hop Theater Festival (HHTF) with funding provided by the Ford Foundation. Space generously donated by Someday Lounge.