robbinschilds performs a series of original performances and interactions in, on, and around the Washington High School grounds. They surge and ripple through architecture and landscape.

A living collective organ, molten, expanding and contracting as it responds to its immediate environment. Curious and open. Red, orange, yellow, forest, aqua, royal, majestic and purple. Finds intrigue not only in the beauty of rock, ash and earth, lake and sea, moss, leaf and open sky, but in the whine of debris, lyric of cement, sorrow of mall and hum of highway. Fluid as water or lava or blood or air, moves through tiny gullies and grooves, tastes to know but leaves behind only what was already there.

In November 2009, robbinschilds journeys to ChristChurch, New Zealand to complete a monthlong residency at the Physics Room, where the duo begins work on a new film and performance project, ¬°Bottoms Up!