Robert Boyd is an interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of video installation, photography, and sculpture. His two-channel video installation Conspiracy Theory, the first part of his forthcoming project, TOMORROW PEOPLE, addresses issues of social paranoia and civil distrust in an era of questionable politics. The video covers topics including government involvement in the September 11 attacks, government cover-up of aliens at Area 51, world domination by the “high priests of globalization” known as the Bilderberg, human invention of the HIV/AIDS virus, and the bizarre “reptilian agenda.” Incorporating audio and video excerpts from syndicated radio talk show hosts, international conspiracists, amateur documentary filmmakers, and the mysterious Commander X, Conspiracy Theory addresses some of today’s leading conspiracies relayed by their most evocative proponents. Set to a fast-paced dance track, the work functions as both a critique and parody while raising the question: what if all is not as it seems?