Claudia Meza, our mid-year Resource Room Resident, is a woman of many talents. Composer, musician, artist, curator, surfer. And for all these many skills and interests, she credits a healthy lifetime of ditching. Not checking out, mind you, just ducking out of her regularly scheduled life to explore her passions. As a child, she’d play hooky and hide in the library, poring over books on subjects she’d never learn in school. Given free reign of PICA’s modest library for the next three months, she’s going back to her roots, and inspiring us all to ditch and dream. She writes:

“Ditch Work, Ditch School, Ditch Useful, Ditch Practical, Ditch Routine, Ditch Mundane, Ditch Mondays, Ditch Sleep, Ditch Food, Ditch Monotony, Ditch Tuesdays, Ditch Meetings, Ditch Responsible, Ditch Rules, Better Yet Just Fuck the Rules, Ditch Apologies, Ditch Simple, Ditch Complicated, Ditch Contradictions, Ditch Everything, And then go back and do it better.

Almost everything useful I know I learned from ditching school. Almost all of my most practical skills I developed by ditching my immediate responsibilities and following whatever interested me at that very moment. Interests might have never developed into passions if I just kept it at the book level. Ideas might have never materialized if I patiently waited for the weekend. This isn’t a call to quit your job or school or your marriage or your diet or even smoking. It’s simply a friendly reminder to ditch, take a break, re-energize, and then go back and do it all better.”


The Benefits of Playing Hooky, Lulu Miller, Radiolab, July 16, 2012.

About the Resource Room Residencies

PICA’s Resource Room Residency (RRR) program was initiated in 2012 in order to provide time, space, and resources for artists whose practices live at the intersection of research and art. The program encourages a consideration of libraries, archives, collections, and collecting, but can find outlets in many forms and disciplines. RRRs are provided with a modest stipend and unlimited access to our archive of books, media, and ephemera for three month engagements. They intersect with PICA’s members and the community at large through salon discussions, screenings, public performances, and printed materials. The 2012 RRRs are Alex Felton, Claudia Meza, and Lisa Radon.