PICA hosts NY-based choreographer Sarah Michelson for her Portland debut and a  five-day residency focusing on the devotional nature of dance practice. Michelson will work in residency with dancers Nicole Mannarino and Rachel Berman to seed a future work to be presented at PICA in 2016.

Michelson’s residency will also include a free public event on March 23, 2015  at 7:00 PM where Michelson will share the ideas and research surrounding her ongoing “Devotion” studies with PICA Artistic Director Angela Mattox. Michelson’s work focusing on devotion and dance has been an ongoing multi-year project. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to engage with an artist influencing the landscape of contemporary dance and performance while in “process”.  Reception to follow.

Watch for further details on her residency and the 2016 performance at PICA.

Thank you to Yale Union for donation of the residency rehearsal space.