How does sharing serve as a model for economic exchange and social change? Charles Heying, author of From Brew to Bikes: Portland’s Artisan Economy will moderate a dynamic, interactive discussion with Neal Gorenflo of online magazine and economist Robin Hahnel of Portland State University about the current challenges and future possibilities for alternative economies in Portland.

Neal Gorenflo is the co-founder and publisher of Shareable Magazine, a nonprofit online magazine about sharing. As a former market researcher, stock analyst, and Fortune 500 strategist, Gorenflo is perhaps an unlikely voice for sharing. An epiphany in 2004 inspired him to leave the corporate world to help people share through Internet startups, grassroots organizing, and a circle of friends committed to the common good. Gorenflo has become an expert on the sharing economy through entrepreneurship, research, writing, speaking, and as a avid practitioner. His expertise on and experiences in sharing have been featured in Fast Company, Sunset Magazine, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Consumer Watch. He is co-editor of the anthology Share or Die: Voices of The Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis, which is being released in Spring 2012 by New Society Publishers.

Charles Heying is associate professor of urban studies and planning at Portland State University. Dr. Heying’s current research combines his interest in the arts with his passion for community-based economic development. In Brew to Bikes: Portland’s Artisan Economy, he describes how the transformation from an industrial to a post-industrial economy is being articulated in the trend-setting edges of Portland’s artisan production. The book integrates a traditional artisan world-view with new insights about the role of cultural industries in urban development, a new moral orientation to sustainability, and the paradoxical emergence of local distinctiveness in a global economy.

This conversation takes place alongside of the PICA Symposium: Bodies, Identities & Alternative Economies, a weekend of performances, discussions, screenings, and lectures on the ideas and politics behind Hennessy’s in-progress TBA:12 performance Turbulence (a dance about the economy). The Symposium takes place June 21–24, 2012.