Part of The Snake

In 2017, Daniel Godínez Nivón (Mexico City) made a project on a volcanic mountain near Mexico City called Iztaccíhuatl (Nahuatl word for “sleeping woman”), which consisted of the creation of a garden of pottery and ash plants dreamt by a group of young primary school girls. Each plant was made to last five thousand years, such that the dreamt garden would be integrated with the “sleeping woman”. A video piece (I remember the day I was born. It will be tomorrow.) emerged as part of this project and is included in PICA’s current exhibition, The Snake (on view through August 4, 2018).

In this talk, Godínez Nivón will discuss this project and his broader artistic practice, including his interest in tequio (a traditional form of community organization, which consists of free work for collective benefit) as a system of social organization, and assembly as a tool for composition.