A group show that brings together artists from outer space to this place. Space is a Place explores the psychological aura of an office by turning it into a gallery. The relationship between the art and the office are both familiar and alien. A desk and a water cooler become pedestals. The small walls of the office become a new salon to show a cluster of like-minded artists. Like the cobwebs behind a desk, this tangle of artists stretches from one side of the country to the other.

Artists include David Aron, Brian Belott, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, Katherine Bernhardt, Whitney Claflin, Sara Clendening, Santiago Cucullu, Michael Gaughan, Rob Halverson, Rama Hoffpauir, Matthew Day Jackson, Misaki Kawai, Eunice Kim, Arnold J. Kemp, Ilse Lisxt, Emily Litjens, Corey Lunn, Taylor McKimens, Rebecca Morris, Rob Nelson, Mike Paré, Nick Payne, Nathaniel Price, Chadwick Rantanen, Scott Reeder, Anna Sew Hoy, Rachel Silberstein, Kirk Synder, Vegetable Street, Jessica Williams, Michael Williams, Amy Yao and more.

Rob Halverson is a Portland-based artist. He has shown internationally at HaNNa Gallery, Tokyo, Cinders, Artists Space and Little Cakes in New York, and the Soap Factory in Minneapolis. He has organized exhibitions at Ooga Booga (LA) and Pizza Paul Gallery, Chicago. His most recent project cool art debuted in summer 2007.