The placement of things
The breeze from an open window
A clear day
A still life
The re-assurance of what is joyful

The demanding nature of a devoted studio art practice yields not only treasured and prideful moments, but also neurotic darkness and an exhausting grind to your body. The failures are part of the discovery, yet these days can weigh on you. When you enter the studio, it is sometimes hard to embrace this knowledge and muster your defenses.

Whereas the way a song fills a room with a particular light, or the way curtains blow through the doors of your back patio, these instances illuminate — for a moment — perfect love. These masterpieces of artfulness come to you without struggle. Such perfection and emotional gravity inspire you to embrace your life and in doing so, lightness is brought to your work.

For TBA:10, Tharp will develop a body of work in residency over the summer. His art is representational — by both figurative and conceptual means — and expressed through a variety of media.

Gallery Hours
Sept. 10 – Sept. 19 . Every Day, 12 – 6:30 pm
Sept. 23 – Oct 17 . Thurs – Fri . 12 – 6:30 pm; Sat – Sun . 12 – 4 pm