“The movement is powerful and raw and compelling…”The Seattle Times, Brangien Davis

Duet Love performs love, lust, and charged energy. Portland choreographer Tahni Holt returns to the TBA Festival with her latest work that presents coupled bodies performing gendered states around the romantic premise of the “duet.” Holt and a stellar Pacific Northwest artistic team draw from iconic photographs of couples to drive this inquiry into how bodies perform gender. If masculine and feminine are forces and factors, how do markers of gender inflect the movement, emotion, and decisions of dancing bodies? Performed by Ezra Dickinson, keyon gaskin, Allie Hankins and Lucy Yim. Music composed by Luke Wyland with special guest Corrina Repp. Dramaturgy by Robert Tyree. Lighting design by Jeff Forbes. Costume design by Jayme Hansen and Kate Fenker. Artistic advice by Chris Larson.