Join us for our final night of TBA:08 where after three wonderfully inspiring years our Artistic Director Mark Russell bids us adieu. Help us send him off with a joyous noise from these joyous noisemakers.

10:00 PM – Brother and Sister

Star Tribune calls Brother and Sister, “A sibling duo that is part White Stripes, part Whitesnake and part white noise.” Brother and Sister have been criss-crossing town with a bike posse of TBA Festival goers as part of their all-night-long scavenger hunt. After the frenetic race the hyper-active kin will land at THE WORKS for a finale concert. Using custom guitars and wearing pants as tight as their beats, Brother and Sister help close the festival with scissor kicks and bombastic rock anthems.

11:00 pm – FLASH CHOIR

The Flash Choir was founded in July 2007 in the service of TBA:07’s opening celebration piece, composed by Rinde Eckert. The Choir has kept on keepin’ on led by Sarah Dougher and Pat Janowski. They continue to experiment and find both traditional and experimental ways to sing together.