Ten Tiny Dances is back. An experiment in confined space, Ten Tiny Dances (TTD) is a performance series dedicated to fostering inventive dance/performance art and providing an accessible and exciting performance experience for a diverse audience—all on a 4×4-foot stage.

Since 2002, the 4×4-foot stage of TTD has been the crucible for a whole lot of creation and performance: 135 new dance works, 88 emerging as well as established artists, 13 engaging and accessible venues, and three cities. What began as a playful and simple idea has become one of the Northwest’s most popular and unique performance series.

Produced by Portland choreographer Mike Barber, Ten Tiny Dances challenges artists to collapse known vocabulary as well as to make new material that responds to the possibilities of the space. Choreographers create work that stays on the stage—performing without stepping off the stage for more than 15 seconds at a time and not farther than one foot away. Freed from the pressure of infinite possibility though the constraint of the stage, the artists of Ten Tiny Dances continue to chew into the challenge and opportunity of 16 square feet.

The 17th edition of Ten Tiny Dances features new dance work in a variety of forms from Mary Oslund, Archana Kumar, Lucy Yim, Anne Furfey and Margretta Hansen, Obo Addy/Homowo, Michelle Fujii, Reggie Watts, Meshi Chavez, and Hot Little Hands

Stay out late for DJ Othertempo. With over a decade of experience behind the turntables, DJ Othertempo’s sets draw from afro-beat, dub, Brazilian, hip-hop, disco, and the rest of what is quality, room-movin’ material.