Come celebrate a tiny dance milestone: this year, TBA audience favorite Ten Tiny Dances presents its 25th performance! For this special event, producer Mike Barber brings you a lineup of hits from the past nine years of tiny dances, joined by visiting main stage artists from TBA.

An experiment in confined space, TTD is dedicated to fostering inventive dance and performance art, and to providing an accessible and exciting performance experience for a diverse audience. Since 2002, the 4×4 foot stage of TTD has been the crucible for an ever-expanding catalogue of creation and performance: over 160 new dance works, 180 emerging and established artists, 14 engaging and accessible venues, and 3 cities. TTD has become one of the Northwest’s most popular performance series.

Produced by Portland choreographer Mike Barber, TTD challenges artists to collapse their known performance vocabulary, as well as to make new material in response to the possibilities of the space. Freed from the pressure of infinite possibility though the constraints of the stage, the artists of TTD continue to rise to the challenge and opportunity of 16 square feet.

TTD 25 features classic tiny dances from Mike Barber + Cydney Wilkes (TTD4, 2003), tEEth (TTD12, 2006), Michelle Fujii (TTD15, 2008), Carla Mann & Jim McGinn (TTD9, 2005), and Danielle Ross + Christi Denton (TTD23, 2011), as well as new dances by TBA:11 artists Taylor Mac, Yoko Higashino, Raja Kelly (zoe | juniper), Yukio Suzuki, and a special guest.