Alongside Belly & Bones’ mushroom zoetrope, we’ll host an afternoon fair where you can view the sculpture, shop for mushroom growing kits, gifts and wild and cultivated mushrooms, make spore prints, and maybe even taste a few mushroom, mold, and yeast treats. Come down and meet some of the characters profiled by Oregon Mushroom Stories and learn all about our region’s fungi.

Tony McMigas of McMigas Family Farm
Oregon Mycological Society
Springwater Farm
Organic Valley
Ken’s Artisan Bread
And more!

Oregon Mushroom Stories, a project of Ecotrust and Edible Portland, brings the surreal, fantastical beauty of mushrooms, and the knowledge of growers, foragers and fanatics, out of the dark to a broad audience. Join PICA and Oregon Mushroom Stories for a weekend of mycological happenings at the crossroads of nature and culture, science and art, food and fungi.