DANCE/MOVEMENT: What would it be like to move from your blind spot? To not think of a future. To dismantle rote kinetic pathways. To facilitate immersion in the awkward and half-welcomed. To draw the invisible out from the hyper-visible. To suspend what’s familiar. To challenge emergent assumptions. Engage with these ideas through choreographic structures pulled from New Faithful Disco performer Marbles Jumbo Radio’s longstanding work with Simone Forti as well as their current research. Capacity: 40 participants

About Workshops: TBA workshops are a rare opportunity for Portlanders and visitors alike to work with artists from around the world. All workshops take place at Studio 2 inside New Expressive Works and are $15 general or $12 member, unless otherwise noted. Workshops are included all levels of TBA passes but pre-registration is required via email at [email protected] or by phone at 503-224-PICA.