“In the beginning, Georg said, let there be no light. And there was dark. Silky, womb-like India-ink blackness. No emergency lighting in theaters, nada, nothing. And it was good. Mind-blowingly good.” —Los Angeles Times

When Georg Friedrich Haas composed his String Quartet No. 3 (In iij. Noct.), he stipulated that the piece be played in total darkness, demanding that the musicians fully memorize their parts and cues and the audience forgo their sense of sight. In iij. Noct. (the three nights) refers to the Tenebrae, the last three nights of the Roman Catholic Holy Week, when the light is extinguished before the resurrection. For Third Angle’s performance, the OMSI planetarium will be a sanctuary, the perfect place for Haas’ tour de force. It’s a meditation of musical color, a conversation in total darkness between the four players, a “must hear” event.