At the beginning, an ordinary man, wearing jeans and trainers, carrying a small bag on his back, opens a door and enters a white space awash in white light: a nameless space, an empty space, free, surrounded from one side to another with carefully aligned brown paper bags. The man drops his bag, hangs his coat, traces a line through the space that creates possibility; and his simple, almost banal gestures become stationed on the borders of intimacy, giving the white space a private dimension. Using a marker pen, a pair of scissors, a radio, an apple, a mirror, and paper, the performer sketches, scrunches and snips a series of intriguing shapes, creating worlds via ungluing, gluing, equations and variations. Surreal, funny and moving, Um Solo spontaneously creates inner territory—a climate, a potentiality, an expectation. The performance is a crossroads where diverse types of writing, choreography, fine art and literature converge to ask the question: “How does one’s private life inform who we are?”

Um Solo debuted in 2002 at the Immediate Meeting of Dance Festival in Lisbon, and won an award at the Biennial of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The commission and performance of this piece is supported in part by the Kristy Edmunds Fund for New Work. Venue generously provided by PNCA.