A day at THE WORKS that puts the “all” in all-ages, tiny tba is a festival within a festival, sampling dance, music and film that refuses to draw the line between “kid” and “adult.” Hosted by DJs Belinda Miller and Hova Najarian of Greasy Kid Stuff, the event will feature film screenings by Indiekid films, participatory dance aerobics led by pop musican/performance artist Anna Oxygen, songs by Smithsonian Folkways Recording artist Elizabeth Mitchell and a performance by the Portland dance company Hot Little Hands.

Families can also try hands-on art projects led by staff from the Children’s Art Healing Project (CHAP) and make paint-chip poetry led by the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Greasy Kid Stuff began in 1995 on freeform radio legend WFMU and relocated to Portland in 2004. Hailed as “the best kid’s radio program of all time” by Alternadad Neal Pollack, the show strikes a chord with punk-inspired parents looking for alternatives to mass-market kiddie culture.

Shawn Bowman of Indiekid Filmswith the help of Lars C. Larsen present independent films and a hands on experimental film making project, by kids for kids.

Anna Oxygen is a multi-media artist and musician whose dance pop recitals and fantasy-science performance pieces have toured around the world.

Choreographer Suniti Dernovsek and visual artist David Stein of Hot Little Hands create hauntingly beautiful work with surreal narratives.

Elizabeth Mitchell has released four albums including You Are My Little Bird, which was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and was voted best children’s album of 2006 by Amazon.com.