“The themes in these works [...] are big and fractious ones. Race, gender, sexuality, all intersecting at an imagined meeting between two historical (yet still in play) movements…” —The New York Times

Through the lens of Harlem ball and postmodern dance, New York choreographer Trajal Harrell performs a study of Antigone from Sophocles’ tragedy. On stage with dancer Thibault Lac as Antigone’s sister Ismene, the pair struts and sings and poses, voguing the essence of Greek tragedy. Antigone Jr. is both unique and unisex, an intimate performance of the too-muchness of identity and history.

Antigone Jr. is a co-production of Menagerie de Verre. Residency support has been provided by Menagerie de Verre, Workspace Brussels, and Pact Zollverein.